Design and comfort hand in hand


"The Building is beautiful, bold and those who see it from the outside get the feeling of a warm hug (...)."  (Milena, 2014)


When design, functionality and comfort are combined, the result is a harmonious space where quality of life in the working environment prevails.

Aspects that are combined to perfection in PRIMAVERA's new head office building in Braga. Built in the new part of the city, known as Vale de Lamaçães, the building's slim, cylindrical shape and all-over covering in glass skin capture the attention of even the most distracted passer-by.



The iconic and emblematic exterior makes you want to see the inside, where the harmony of the colours, the symmetrical layout of the spaces, the comfort and ergonomic materials, the soft textures and an environment that inspires quality of life in the workplace all stand out.

Designed by the architecture firm MVentura & Partners, the building earned the international nomination for the Service Building Design category at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Barcelona in 2011.