Spaces inbued with serenity

The impressiveness of the exterior flows into the interior, which delicately opens out into airy spaces in subtle tones and with a symmetrical layout.

A contemporary and unpretentious atmosphere permeates the eight floors, creating an enduring relaxed atmosphere that outlasts the current colour palettes and ephemeral trends.

Avant-garde, yet moderate; sophisticated, yet simple. Throughout the interior, one perceives a certain understatedness that is a perfect match for the cylindrical form and generous windows which draw the majestic landscapes of the Minho region into the building's interior.



The Building's functionality is clearly in evidence

The social areas are situated on the first two levels, almost like a calling card. A reception area with minimalist décor and an impressive marble plaque provides a warm welcome for visitors. A restaurant, bar and café, an auditorium equipped with cutting-edge communication technology and seating for around 120 people, a virtual gallery and a games and recreation room support a strong social component that is to be found throughout the entire base of the structure.

Standing out amid the neutral tones and understated lines is a spiral staircase in a captivating shade of blue. Its dynamic form and bright colour contrast with the rest of the interior, making it an unmistakable point of reference and an icon of the interior space.

Towards the top of the building, there are various levels set out in open space format, avant-garde meeting rooms and Meeting Points, where the very decoration of the space evokes a relaxed, informal feeling; and there is a kitchenette where staff can spend some pleasant moments of conviviality. In these relaxation areas, large murals bring colour to the space. They were created by five young artists who were invited to materialise the ideas of various working groups.

From a functional point of view, the interior staircases linking each floor are noteworthy, as they foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

On the walls, large glass plaques, which are to be found throughout many of the interior spaces, instil the concept of Design Thinking, which can be seen across the various floors.

At the very top, against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, we have the Board, in spacious rooms that maintain the understated avant-garde style. Here, your attention is drawn to a spacious east-facing meeting room, which shares its elegance with the beautiful landscape of the Bom Jesus do Monte, the region's greatest hallmark and once of the largest sacred mountains built in Europe. To allow the landscape to be contemplated as attentively as it deserves, a veranda with deck completes the space, an inviting spot for an unforgettable welcome drink.

And on the roof, the unexpected icing on the cake... An extensive area, affording a scenic view for as far as the eye can see, a summery setting in which to unwind as you sip a cocktail and enjoy the Friday evening sunset. At the top, the fresh air and the sensation of freedom put the crowning touch to this tour of PRIMAVERA's new home.




Generously-sized individual work spaces and wide corridors create a pleasant, airy ambience, where the light colours instil tranquillity, generate harmony and boost concentration. The colour palette and materials used foster the organisation of the work spaces, which have been carefully designed to offer comfort and an extensive field of vision.

Rhythm and dynamics are introduced by means of slatted dividers which add vivacity to the ambience, bringing an energising touch to a modern and functional space.

The lighting has been thought out down to the tiniest detail, ensuring the comfort and well-being of everyone who spends the better part of their day here. The indirect light prevents shadows and reflections from appearing on the computer screens. Additionally, a light sensor controls the need for lighting in the various spaces by detecting either movement or the lack of sufficient sunlight.

Apart from the building's own energy efficiency, which attenuates the exterior temperature by about 10ºC, a centralised system controls the ambient temperature, throughout the entire building, ensuring it is kept at a comfortable level.

Splashes of colour, warm hues and uncompromised shapes invite you to pause at the Meeting Points, relaxation areas which are to found on the building's various levels. But it is in the social area, in the games room, where relaxation is the order of the day. A ping-pong table, TV and video game room, reading room and other recreational activities provide staff with the opportunity to recharge their batteries in preparation for another day's work, always intense at a software development company.

The service stairs leading to the different floors also catch the eye. Illustrations relating to the activities carried out on each level, as well as the names of the staff who work there, bring a personal touch to the different levels and provide an opportunity for those who choose to keep fit by using the stairs instead of the lifts to get their second wind.  




And if design, functionality and comfort went hand in hand during the construction process, they were even more important factors when it came to choosing the furniture.

Ergonomics, quality, design and durability were required in every material used. The furniture by the internationally renowned brand Vitra can be adapted to suit the users' physiological characteristics, a factor that is of particular relevance in an organisation where most members of staff carry out a large proportion of their duties seated.

The height of the desks, the characteristics of the chairs, the height of the dividers between desks and all the materials chosen create a favourable ambience from a physiological point of view, ensuring the comfort and well-being of all those who spend their day here.