Maestro Rui Massena inspires PRIMAVERA staff, partners and customers

The highly-regarded maestro, pianist and composer Rui Massena was PRIMAVERA's guest for the latest edition of Inspiring Sessions. These sessions are an opportunity to share the experiences and expertise of people who have made their mark on the national scene in different fields of knowledge.

"The company as a large orchestra" was the topic explored by Rui Massena, one of the most international Portuguese maestros. Having made a name for himself conducting the Rome Symphony Orchestra in the 2009/2011 seasons, Rui Massena was also the first Portuguese maestro to conduct at the Carnegie Hall in New York (2007).

At a session lasting around an hour, Rui Massena not only shared some of his knowledge and experiences of leadership with the audience of a hundred or so PRIMAVERA customers, partners and employees, but also treated them to some musical moments.   

PRIMAVERA embarked upon the Inspiring Sessions initiative in 2007, with the aim giving its community of staff, partners and customers opportunities to interact and share ideas with well-known and highly-regarded personalities from a variety of fields.  

Nicolau Santos, deputy director of the Expresso newspaper; Manuel Sérgio, writer and teacher of some of the great names in Portuguese sport, such as José Mourinho; Daniel Bessa, a highly-regarded Portuguese economist; constitutionalist, Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos; and Nuno Rogeiro, a journalist specialising in international relations, are just a few of the personalities who have already taken part in PRIMAVERA's Inspiring Sessions.