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People-First cloud management solution for people-first organizations

Automate processes and deliver better experiences for your employees. 

Do you want to accelerate administrative tasks of people management so that you can focus on creating a strong business culture that promotes unique experiences to your employees? ROSE People is the solution. This cloud platform guarantees process automation, information accuracy and ease of access.

Automatic and error-free wage processing
Automatic and error-free wage processing
Enjoy automatic payroll processes, with immediate reflection of monthly changes, with high performance and guarantees of information accuracy.
Transparency in the calculation of Salaries
Transparency in the calculation of Salaries
Ensure full transparency of processing calculations and share this information through salary receipts with detailed information about the values.
Integrated benefits management
Integrated benefits management
Get a global, integrated and intuitive management of all the benefits of your employees and quickly access data for more strategic people management.
Automatic communication with official entities
Automatic communication with official entities
Put an end to worries with the timings of preparing and sending communications to official entities. With ROSE People everything is handled automatically.
Assertiveness in Contract Management
Assertiveness in Contract Management
Access an intelligent assistant who supports in the administrative management of employment contracts, ensuring assertiveness and speed in the management of the contractual cycle.
Compliance with all tax obligations
Compliance with all tax obligations
Get rid of the concern about tax updates. ROSE People is always up-to-date, ensuring full tax and legal compliance over time.

Optimize people management.

Create new contracts. We'll take care of the rest.

A world of agility and management insights

Maximum productivity and accuracy in administrative tasks. Minimal effort to obtain management support data.

Automatic salary processing

With ROSE People you don't even need to give the processing order. It's all automatic! Simply create the contracts and salaries will be processed automatically, updating the calculations according to the monthly changes of each employee (vacation, absences, overtime...).

Official statements generated by the system

From the moment the processing is carried out, the platform generates all the declarations for the official entities, without having to worry about it. In addition, communication with Social Security is automatic.

Automated expiration receipts

You also don't have to worry about sending salary receipts anymore. When triggering wage processing, the platform automatically generates the salary receipt and emails it to employees.

Detailed processing information

Simplify the understanding of wage processing values. With ROSE People, salary receipts have detailed information about the amounts that were at the origin of the calculation, from salary / hour, gross and net base remuneration, attendance sheet and other variables considered in the calculation of remuneration and deductions.

Adapting to the rules of the organization

It also has a simple and intuitive Formula Editor that allows you to create new formulas, adjusted to the particularities of your organization.

Insights to support strategic management 

You also have access to a set of analyses that let you know in real time the costs of personnel, absenteeism, vacations, overtime, etc., so you can quickly make sustained decisions.

Support for the creation of employment contracts

Easily create employment contracts from previously existing models, such as the Contractual Plan; the Remuneration Model; the Deduction Model and the Benefits Model.

Agility in contract management

Ensure maximum assertiveness in contract management. ROSE People provides an assistant who helps to effectively manage the entire contractual life cycle: from experimental periods, through renewals, to the signaling of contracts to be terminated, we provide you with an overview of the entire contractual cycle. 

Access to more and better data

Access multiple dashboards with management insights that let you build HR reports in minutes. 

Integrated benefits management

Get an integrated view of each employee's benefits through a Benefit model. At any time you can consult: 

  • Vacation days
  • Holiday and Christmas allowances
  • Bank of Hours
  • Complementary Rest
  • The amounts to which each employee is entitled (credit)
  • What has already been enjoyed (debt) 

You can also quickly check the justification for all amounts credited and debited to each Benefit Account to facilitate your understanding.

Free e-book

Discover the solution to successfully enter this new paradigm of people management.

Free e-book

Discover the solution to successfully enter this new paradigm of people management.

Start a People-First strategy:

Start a People-First strategy:

Focus on people

The HR team's focus should be on people, so ROSE accelerates administrative processes.


Promote transparency by sharing information with all your employees simply and quickly.


Ensure fast access to information on the go through a fast cloud platform for people-first organizations.


Deliver a unique work experience with automated processes that let you focus on what really matters.


Contribute to speed up processes with well-structured, agile, fluid and rigorous information.


Cultivate a culture of proximity, even with multiple work models simultaneously, through a cloud platform.
Easy Access

Easy Access

Access the solution anytime, anywhere and on any web-enabled device. With this cloud native platform, accessibility is guaranteed 24/7
Maximum Security

Maximum Security

Enjoy a service provided by one of the world's largest providers of cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, which offers you maximum security guarantees.
High performance

High performance

Ensure the speed of operations. ROSE processes data when you are not using the system, to guarantee the maximum operations speed.
Continuous Updates

Continuous Updates

Always have the best technologies at your disposal. ROSE is constantly evolving to make people management simpler and more agile.

Benefit from ROSE People's automation

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