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What our clients say
"This project constitutes a clear commitment to the efficiency and thoroughness of processes and the modernisation of university management, factors which are essential for sustained development. The PRIMAVERA management solution provides us with an integrated view in real time of all University activity and it is vital for the creation of synergies and the sharing of those processes which are crucial for thorough management."

José Marques dos SantosDean of the University of Oporto
"The impact of the implementation of ERP PRIMAVERA was huge insofar as integration facilitated the flow of information and its organisation, generating gains in operational terms and the availability of information that supports decision-making processes in those areas which are central for the company. It has allowed the simultaneous creation of a greater level of control and automatic routines, leading to boosts in productivity in some cases of around 50%."

Paulo Lima, Chief Financial Officer of AGERE
"The PRIMAVERA Public Sector solution has endowed us with reporting tools which are crucial for the Rendering of Accounts process. Concurrently, we have gained greater operational and financial control of the various health units, the upshot of data centralisation and the provision of that analytical information which is essential for decision-making."  

Paulo NunesMember of the Board of Directors of Saudaçor
"IN 2009, STCP INITIATED THE PROCESS OF SUBSTITUTING SAP SOLUTIONS for PRIMAVERA. Due to the high level of sophistication and inherent requirements, this project involved quite some complexity, but  PRIMAVERA was able to guarantee all functionalities considered as  indispensable for the correct functioning of services and a proper company management." 

Helena MeiraDirector of Information Systems, STCP, S.A.