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Porto Cruz goes even further with support from PRIMAVERA ERP

Portugal's largest exporter of port wine, Gran Cruz, which produces and markets the world-renowned Porto Cruz brand, supports its business of producing and marketing 25 million bottles a year to over 50 countries using technology developed by PRIMAVERA.

PRIMAVERA BSS, a Portuguese technology company specialising in the development of business management solutions, has been chosen by Gran Cruz to implement an integrated management solution. Gran Cruz produces Douro, Madeira and port wines and is the market's leading producer and exporter of port wine, selling an average of 25 million bottles annually to over 50 different markets.

"In light of the difficult economic climate affecting every sector of business, and ours in particular, we must make our processes more efficient, create scale internally and externally and invest in conditions that will increase our competitiveness. With PRIMAVERA we can be sure of achieving that competitiveness, since everything that is encompassed in the platform of the PRIMAVERA ERP will help us with our management decisions and let us monitor the entire production process, all the way from the vineyards until the bottles leave the cellars. We will also be able calculate the margins achieved by the products all along the production chain, which is fundamental and which we would be unable to do without the solution. Additionally, the solution will give us a comprehensive overview of the business, which is equally fundamental due to our geographical dispersion," explains Jorge Dias, General Manager of Gran Cruz.

The reason for this benchmark company in the wine sector choosing to implement the PRIMAVERA ERP was twofold: firstly, to centralise management of the business by bringing the management of the three thousand or so producers, suppliers and customers together on a single platform; and, secondly, to incorporate the information from the various vertical systems, thus enabling all the business processes to be monitored in a unique way, from control of the grape-picking, to the traceability of the raw materials, quality control, production management, logistics control, invoicing and accounts managements, communication with Customs and integration with the Port and Douro Wines Institute. Thanks to this extensive integration of data, Gran Cruz has obtained a greater capacity for financial control as well as an overall view of the business that is essential for decision-making.

The platform also responds to the growing expansion of Gran Cruz's business, which focuses mainly on the external market. The company currently exports over 90% of its production to such diverse markets as France, Spain, Russia and Belgium, and is keen to make new inroads into the increasingly-mature domestic market, in terms of both consumption and wine tourism.
For David Afonso, vice-president of PRIMAVERA BSS, "The Gran Cruz project has turned out to be a very positive challenge, since we had to incorporate a large volume of data originating in a number of different systems. But we had to do so in such a way as to ensure an overall, aggregated and simple view of the business. We had to address the complexity of a large number of suppliers and customers, exports to an array of markets, obligatory communications in real time and with various entities. And the PRIMAVERA ERP made it possible to encompass all the processes of production and sales efficiently."

The implementation of the PRIMAVERA ERP at Gran Cruz is supported by Unicódigo – Eng. e Tecnologias de Informação, Lda., a PRIMAVERA partner with PRIMAVERA Premium Partner and PRIMAVERA Solutions Partner status. This means that it is qualified to implement and support PRIMAVERA solutions and to develop its own solutions that can be integrated with the PRIMAVERA range.