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PRIMAVERA allocates €100,000 for the digital transformation of the accounting sector

Digitalisation support programme will cover 100 accounting firms by September

Under the framework of the launch of its recent Cloud offering for the Accounting sector, which advocates a new collaborative work model between accountants and entrepreneurs, PRIMAVERA will launch a programme to support the digitisation of the sector, aimed at accounting and management companies and professional service providers that wish to digitise their business, adhering to the collaborative accounting.

The Accounting Innovators prpgram is now available and includes a budget of €100,000 that will be distributed by a hundred companies, totaling €1,000 per company that want to adhere to the new collaborative accounting model, enabling companies and their accountants share the same management system in the Cloud.

The Accounting Innovators program includes the provision of software, training on new value-added accounting that will become possible thanks to this new collaborative work model, and also support in the dissemination of these new services to the business fabric.

"With this innovative program we are leveraging a digital transformation movement in a sector that urgently needs to digitise itself in order to gain competitiveness and thus play a much-needed role in the management of client companies, which is the role of financial and business advisory. The offices of collaborative accounting will be the first to take advantage of the transformation that we want to boost to help the industry get into the era faster digital", explains Idalina Sousa, Marketing & Communication Head Spring Manager.

In a first phase the Accounting Innovators program will be available until September 2021 or until 100 approved applications have been reached. Companies interested in joining this program can submit their applications through the ROSE AS website https://rose-as.primaverabss.com/