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PRIMAVERA BSS and EPSON IBÉRICA collaborate to explore cloud technology

Partnership focuses on provision of cloud technology to support next generation of retail systems

PRIMAVERA BSS and EPSON IBÉRICA have just finalised a partnership deal that will bring together the Portuguese technology company's software and the Japanese company's intelligent printing management. This will enable the integration of POS systems and remote and wireless printing peripherals, as a response to the challenges of the retail sector. 
The partnership brings together PRIMAVERA BSS's retail mobility solutions and Pssst! and Tlim POS systems, which work on tablets using the Windows operating system, and EPSON's ePOS-Device and ePOS-Print technologies. With these EPSON technologies, intelligent devices and web applications can be used to control the company's new range of intelligent TM printers (Series TM-i and TM-DT) and POS peripherals. This series of products can operate wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth® and was designed to support printing from smart devices and web applications by means of an XML interface.
In the words of Paulo Cruz, PRIMAVERA BSS's Product Manager for the retail and restaurant sectors, "There are countless scenarios to be exploited using these cloud-based technical solutions, which are suitable for businesses ranging from small retailers to multinationals. 'Cloudisation' of these solutions is more than just a trend; it is going to revolutionise the business models underlying the sector. The notion of a shop as an isolated unit will increasingly cease to make sense in the retail context, and the idea of a holistic and mobile view of the business will gain strength."
This joining of forces brings added convenience and usability to the printing functionalities of both Pssst! and Tlim. Now, with no physical connection required between the POS and the printer, printing is just a click away. The fact that the connection between the POS and the peripherals can be made via IP means retailers can carry out remote operations and other important functions.

For Francesc Sunyer, Head of Sales Business Systems at EPSON IBÉRICA, "This partnership is the start of a new stage in the evolution of the retail business; web-based applications, together with ever-increasing demand for tablet-friendly solutions, will be paramount in future solutions for the retail sector. EPSON is delighted that PRIMAVERA sees our equipment as an easy solution offering comprehensive implementation for this type of application, from direct printing to control of other peripherals."