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PRIMAVERA joins elite list of world technology companies using streamlined CMMI-certified methodologies

Renewal of level 2 attests to quality architecture and systems development processes after implementation of SCRUM

PRIMAVERA BSS, a Portuguese technological company dedicated to the development of business management solutions, has renewed its level 2 CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration certification after implementing the SCRUM work methodology in its development teams. With this distinction, given by the CMMI Institute and accompanied by the consultancy company StrongStep, PRIMAVERA BSS joins the select group of software houses around the world who use streamlined work methodologies, specifically SCRUM, in which the processes of architecture and development are certified by the most highly accredited international entity for good practices in the architecture and development of information systems.    

Currently, in Portugal, there are only about 20 companies in the sector that have CMMI certification. And on an international level, the range of technological companies that use streamlined development methodologies and at the same time have their processes of architecture and development certified by CMMI is likewise very restricted.

"This joint challenge at PRIMAVERA achieved a powerful combination between CMMI and SCRUM, which resulted in significant improvements in the development of more robust products and services that are innovative and capable of competing in highly competitive global markets," points out Pedro Castro Henriques, CEO of Strongstep, the consultancy firm that accompanied the certification process.

For his part, David Afonso, Senior Vice President of PRIMAVERA BSS emphasized, "Today we can say that in 5 years the number of incidents reported by users of PRIMAVERA solutions dropped considerably and that the response time is about 40% faster. This gradual improvement is the result of the use of advanced, proven frameworks that instil higher quality and greater speed in the development processes of our solutions, which is very clearly reflected in the improvement of the products we put on the market.

PRIMAVERA BSS has used the SCRUM methodology since 2013. This streamlined model calls for the division of projects into very short, but functional, cycles that embrace all the phases, giving priority to the quick delivery of value to the customers, with the assumption that ongoing changes will be made until a fully functional product adapted to the demands of the market is achieved. 

CMMI is an international benchmark, developed by the Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Level 2, obtained by PRIMAVERA BSS, confirms the quality of the processes of architecture and development of the PRIMAVERA solutions, as well as their strong cohesion from planning to execution, guaranteeing the offer of products that are adjusted to the specific needs of the market.