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PRIMAVERA supports practical training for students

PRIMAVERA Education Programme links schools to the labour market; expected to involve 5000 students this next school year

PRIMAVERA BSS is boosting its Education Programme this school year. The project is designed to give high school and university students in the fields of economy, management, accounting, fiscal organization and computer science a better preparation for the workplace by their using PRIMAVERA management software. Other features include participation in practical laboratories that simulate the reality of the business world; knowledge sessions on specific themes such as marketing strategies, accounting, fiscal organisation, software development or product management; and study visits to the headquarters of the technology company.

The registrations for the study visits, as well as for the knowledge sessions Education Talks for the present school year are already in progress, and e-Learning training actions are being scheduled for those teachers who will be giving the practical classes on PRIMAVERA management tools. Also in this coming 2015/2016 school year, PRIMAVERA will be equipping laboratories with management software, not only in Portugal, but in the African market, as well, giving students the opportunity to explore the PRIMAVERA solutions and simulate realistic business scenarios as they use them.

Launched in 1997, the PRIMAVERA Education Programme has filled in a gap in the training of a great majority of students and new graduates, who had no practical skills in business management solutions. The programme is also an obvious asset for the educational institutions, because it bolsters the practical component of the areas of education related to economy, accounting, fiscal organisation, computer science and management and therefore significantly increases the students' chances of finding employment. 

"Over the years we have seen a higher rate of employability among students who are part of the PRIMAVERA Education programme, which is not only an advantage for the students themselves, but for the entrepreneurial fabric also, which finds professionals who are better prepared for a fast adaptation to the operations of the companies,” Pedro Coutinho, head of the PRIMAVERA Education project, points out.

PRIMAVERA's galaxy looking to welcome 2 thousand students during the coming school year
With the move into the new headquarters, the technology company set aside a space exclusively for receiving students who want to get to know the cycle of management software development. In this space, equipped with the latest technology, students learn about the production cycle, and the Portuguese tax system and its importance for the maintenance of structures and public services. To make the trips affordable, PRIMAVERA signed a protocol with the Portuguese railway company and the Braga Urban Transports, which are offering symbolic prices for these visits to PRIMAVERA.

Since 1997, when the project began, PRIMAVERA has already helped over 500 schools in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique, and there are currently 15 laboratories in operation.
The registrations for the Study Visits are already available on the Internet at http://primavera-education.dtdns.net/admin. As for the Education Talk initiative, requests can be sent by email to: education@primaverabss.com