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Spanish Steel Company Selects PRIMAVERA Cloud solution for Asset Management

The main benefits of PLAFESA group with the 100% web solution involve the maximum return on equipment, appropriate management of the life cycle and control of the costs associated with maintenance.

With a presence on the Iberian and Latin American markets, the Spanish group PLAFESA - a reference in the Iberian steel sector for more than 30 years - has chosen the cloud-native solution PRIMAVERA Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to optimise the management of the assets of the three industrial units it has in Madrid, Valência and Aveiro.

With the solution of the technological company PRIMAVERA BSS, a multinational specialised in the development of management solutions for the global market, the Spanish steel company now defines, controls and manages the whole maintenance process of its equipment and industrial facilities at operational and strategic level from anywhere.

The PRIMAVERA EAM solution has also made it possible for the PLAFESA group to gain a better return on the hefty investments made in facilities and equipment, the upshot of the just in time production system in the industrial automation sector to which it belongs. PRIMAVERA BSS software has allowed the maximum operational capacity to be extracted from each of its assets.

"There's a common misconception that the more complex a tool is, the greater the benefits obtained. The complexity must reside in what we wish to obtain and not in the way of obtaining it which should be as simple as possible”, stated Enrique Hidalgo, the Systems' Director at the PLAFESA group."The cloud-native solution for business asset management of PRIMAVERA BSS has, on the one hand, simplified the day-to-day work of our employees and, on the other, it has meet out more complex management requirements”.

Endowed with a production capacity of 200 tonnes per day, the PLAFESA Group has achieved total control of the breakdowns and down times of equipment, stocks' maintenance costs, consumption records, technical assistance services or call-outs, inter alia.

"Asset management is vital for the smooth performance of companies since the economic impact of the maintenance of said assets on the results achieved is huge”,stated Luís Cadillon, the Country Manager of PRIMAVERA BSS Espanha."PRIMAVERA EAM is a robust solution endowed with high functional richness which allows the maximum operating capacity to be extracted from business assets, maximising performance with less effort and resources and making companies more productive, profitable and competitive".

Strategic, operating and financial control of business assets

By means of a thorough analysis carried out by PRIMAVERA Consulting, responsible for implementing software, system parameterisation and configuration and user training, it was possible to ascertain and gain a detailed understanding of the business processes, needs and requirements as well as the objectives expected by the PLAFESA Group in the medium/long-term.

With the implementation of PRIMAVERA EAM, the Spanish steel company has not only cut the costs involved in equipment downtime, but it has also improved the speed and efficiency of all its functional processes, from asset management (records, transfers, deregistrations), to managing service orders (corrective, preventive and aimed at improvement) and notices and preventive maintenance or the actual management of inventories and materials.

PRIMAVERA EAM architecture, geared towards data integration, enables connection to management and monitoring systems, resulting in greater added value for the business.