Support for emerging artists

Colours, shapes, abstractions and an abundance of creativity are now brightening up the day-to-day of PRIMAVERA staff members, thanks to five murals created by a group of five young artists, associated with the Shair project, which helps promote emerging artists.

Taking their inspiration from the ideas and concepts passed on by the staff on each floor of the building, the young artists gave free rein to their imagination, creating distinctive murals that give the Meeting Point area on every floor tremendous visual interest.

The initiative arose as a result of a partnership between PRIMAVERA and the Shair project, a platform that serves to divulge, exhibit and sell works by emerging artists from the dst group.

The works were judged by a jury headed by gallery owner Mário Sequeira. The winner received a monetary prize to the value of 1,000 euros, the runner-up received 750 euros and the remaining three artists each received a consolation prize of 500 euros.