An Energy-Efficient Sustainable building

From the exterior façade to the very working methodology, the importance attached to environmental sustainability can be seen in every part of the building.

The glass skin exterior coating on the façade, built at approximately 1.5 metres from the base structure, ensures the building is uniquely energy-efficient, attenuating the exterior temperature by around 10ºC. The effect on the temperature of the air inside the building is immediately noticeable, drastically reducing the need for air conditioning.


The generously-sized windows that open around the building impart a captivating luminosity. All the interior spaces benefit from natural sunlight, creating a pleasant, airy ambience. This means that artificial lighting requirements are significantly lower, with lights being switched on automatically only when and if the sensors detect that the lighting in any particular space is insufficient.

The building's environmental footprint is also reduced by the use of LED lighting, water pressure reducing valves, the recycling of solid waste and the complete dematerialisation of documents, with printed copies being kept to an absolute minimum.